SNA “Sociéte de Nutrition Animale"

SNA is present on the animal feed market since 1976. It is one of the subsidiaries of Poulina Group Holding (PGH), the first poultry group in the Maghreb. 

With its know-how and expertise acquired over the years, accumulating more than 45 years of experience, SNA has become a major and influential industrial group in animal feed and the first Tunisian exporter of CMV (mainly to the Libyan market). 

SNA has : 


Animal feed production sites 


Premix & Vitamin and mineral supplement (CMV) factories  


Calcium carbonate manufacturing plant 


Plant for the extraction of soybean oil and the manufacture of partially de-oiled soybean meal, it is the plant of the company Green Label Oil (GLO) 


The SNA brand feed companies produce a wide range of compound feeds for all livestock (poultry, ruminants, rabbits, etc.). 

Adapted to the different ages and physiological stages of the animals, the feeds are formulated from quality raw materials and additives (vitamins, minerals, amino acids…) selected according to specifications and international standards. 

Our feeds come in three forms: flour, pellets and crumbles, in different sizes that vary according to the age and physical quality requirements of the animal (grain size of the grinds and crumbles, length and diameter of the pellets, durability and hardness of the pellets).  

Based on advanced technology at all levels of the chain, from the storage of raw materials to delivery, the feeds are manufactured and managed by latest generation automatic machines, guaranteeing high dosing precision, better homogeneity of the mixtures and correct granulation to preserve the constituents of the formula (amino acids, vitamins…) and ensure a good quality of the finished product. 

The SNA brand feed companies provide all customers with a technical team made up of nutritionists, zoo technicians and veterinarians to provide them with the best after-sales service: field visits, technical advice, performance monitoring, etc.). 

According to the breeding conditions of each breeder and his requirements, special feeds can be provided according to his needs. 

Basés sur une technologie de pointe à tous les niveaux de la chaîne, depuis le stockage des matières premières jusqu’à la livraison, les aliments sont fabriqués et gérés par des automates de dernière génération, garantissant une grande précision de dosage, une meilleure homogénéité des mélanges et une granulation correcte permettant de préserver les constituants de la formule (Acides aminés, vitamines…) et d’assurer une bonne qualité du produit fini.

Les sociétés d’aliments de la marque SNA mettent ainsi à la disposition de tous les clients une équipe technique constituée d’ingénieurs nutritionnistes, de zootechniciens et de vétérinaires afin de leurs fournir le meilleur service après-vente : des visites sur terrain, des conseils techniques, le suivi des performances…etc).
Suivant les conditions d’élevage de chaque éleveur et ses exigences, des aliments spéciaux peuvent être fournis à la carte.





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