Mineral and vitamin supplementation adapted to the needs

The CMV provides everything that is not supplied by the coarse raw materials, in particular vitamins, minerals and amino acids, in order to cover all the needs necessary for the growth and optimal production of the animals. 

The major ingredients of any are generally minerals (calcium carbonate, phosphate, and trace elements), vitamins, synthetic amino acids and additives (anti-coccidial, enzymes, etc.).

These ingredients are selected according to specifications and are subject to rigorous quality controls upon receipt.

Several services are offered to our customers, namely the à la carte formulation of their feed, field visits to their farms as well as the farms of their customers, the quality control of their raw materials and feed, the analysis and validation of production lines of their factories. All these after-sales services are provided by a specialized team, formed by nutritionists, zootechnicians and veterinarians.