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Interest of using fatty soybean meal in poultry feed

Published on: 10/04/2023

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First in Tunisia, our new plant Green Label Oil (GLO) will offer to the breeders a feed allowing a cost saving and a better technical performance with a new nutritive and natural raw material. It is a fatty soybean meal or also called Express soybean meal. 

The manufacturing process of ExPress soybean meal consists of the mechanical extraction of soybean oil using cold mechanical pressure. This HTST (high temperature, short time) process preserves the naturally occurring nutrients while deactivating anti-nutritional factors. 

Advantages of ExPress meal: 

  1. Oil extraction is mechanical, no solvents or chemicals are used in the process: it is therefore an ecologically treated material 
  2.  Better physical quality of the feed compared to the feed produced with the usual cake. 
  3. The quality of the fat contained in ExPress meal is better than most other lipids from different sources 
  4.  Higher digestibility of the amino acids in this material, which allows the animal to better valorize the feed ingested and thus maximize its growth. A good digestibility of amino acids allows the optimization of the protein rate of the feed, which guarantees better zoo technical performance, profitability and respect for the environment. 
  5. In a study conducted at an American university on broiler chickens, researchers replaced solvent-extracted soybean meal and oil with ExPress soybean meal. This contributed to a significant improvement in growth performance, body weight and feed conversion ratio in both chicken and turkey.